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Thursday, March 12th, 2009
9:42 am
Ice Cream Dream
Right, this dream was just a bit odd...

My Mum made the tea but it went wrong so me and Dad didn't eat it (I don't think Mum did either but I don't remember) so when I took the plates downstairs I found a bowl of icecream which I took up for Dad (while having a taste of each one because each scoop was different and there was about 8 scoops)

I know 2 were sorbets, one of which was mango. And I know one was banana, one was vanilla and one was cookie dough. And there was a blue one.

So I went back downstairs and found the freezer full of these ice cream tubs (Ben and Jerry's cookie dough and Green and Black's Vanilla are the only ones I remember picking up though). So I took up the vanilla, cookie dough, sorbet of some kind of banana upstairs for me and my Dad to eat. But I kept trying to disguise the fact that I was only eating the sorbets.

And then Alex was in my dream somewhere. It was Christmas and we made friends. At my Auntie's house...
Friday, February 20th, 2009
7:48 am
Tuesday, January 27th, 2009
10:06 pm
Dream of Dreams
Hello all!

Welcome to my community, Driftin_Dreamer.
First of, I thought that I would thank everyone who's even come this far and actually clicked on the page. Secondly, I would like to thank those of you who have gone a step further and posted some of your dreams. Thirdly, I would also like to thank those of you who have joined the community. Fourthly, to those who haven't, you're welcome back any time.

First, (or... Fifth?) I'll start off by posting a tiny bit about me, and a lot about my project.
I am 18 years old and I'm living in the UK. I'm studying in a Foundation Course at College, and because of that I have to do a FMP (Or a Final Major Project.) For my FMP I would very much like to base my project around dreams.

But not just 'Dreams' Per Say. I'm a very open minded person, and I hope you will all be open minded too.
Dreams can be anything... Fleeting thoughts, words, phrases, a picture, or a sound. Dreams can be reflected in music or paint, or words, or speech. Dreams can be thoughts, feelings, memories. Dreams can be visions, aspirations, what do you want to be when you grow up? What do you wish you were? What would you have done differently, had you had the chance?

Dreams can be day dreams, everyone's day dreamed in class before.

This Community also accepts works of art, poetry, animation, music.

I will be posting pages from my Sketchbook as my project goes along, and any photographs of my bigger pieces. Please note that some of your posts may be used in my project/sketchbooks (Screen caps, for example) but you have my word here and now that I will not use anyones work/ posts without asking them first, and if they are not happy with me using their work, then I understand fully and I will ask someone else. I will not put anyone under pressure, but I hope that people will join this community to help me get this art project off the ground.

This community is open to anyone, there are not many rules, but those that I do set out I expect you to follow, and again usual procedures apply for those who do not follow the rules.


- People must be considerate of others thoughts and feelings.
- No vulgar language or mature content is to be posted in this Community. Anyone found doing so will be banned and their entry will be deleted.
- Any art work must be tagged with 'art' and any animations with 'animation' and so on, and so forth.
- Art work/ Animations/ Long posts must be put under a LJ Cut.
- The Art work/ Other Media you post here must be your own, and no one elses.

If anyone does not apply to these rules, I will follow this code:

1) A warning, or a 'Strike'
2) If the user does not heed my warning, their entry will be deleted
3) If the user continues to cause offense on this community, the user will be banned/ blocked from viewing this community.

If these rules are followed, this community could grow into something that everyone can enjoy.
I hope that this art project becomes more than just an art project, and I hope that everyone can gain something out of this.

Note: Anonymous posts are also welcome here. If you wish to post Anonymously, please post in this entry.

Many thanks,
Happy Dreaming!

Current Mood: accomplished
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